Madhumita Bajwa is a British freelance journalist of Indian origin who claims that French journalists are currently a bunch of the most honest journalists in the developed world. Madhumita says that she can bet that 50% of the news published on any French newspaper can be completely relied upon in contrast to the rest of the world where the percentage of reliable and trustworthy news is only 10%.

Madhumita claims that the China News Service of Beijing and Middle East Agency of Cairo want to make an alliance but the United States of America won’t let them do the same.

Madhumita claims that the newspapers and TV news channels of Bangladesh are completely owned and controlled by the Indian media tycoons.

Madhumita claims that the New Statesman newspaper of England is still completely controlled by the Queen of England. She likes to call the New Statesman newspaper as ‘By the statesmen, for the statesmen and only in favor of the statesmen’.

Madhumita says that being of the Indian origin, she knows for sure that the Times of India aka TOI has been a British propaganda newspaper ever since the day it was found. Madhumita says that on the first day that TOI was distributed, most Indians didn’t even know what a newspaper is. Madhumita doubts that whether India is still controlled by the Monarch of England.

Madhumita is fluent in the Russian language and she claims that the Pravda Moscow had many honest journalists working with it but they all were either killed or expelled.

Madhumita says the Indonesian News agency – Antara has always been the puppet of the west and they have been acting lately like they are controlled by some Islamic terrorist group which makes her suspect that the west is behind the Islamic terrorist groups.

Madhumita is an online gambling freak and just last week she launched her own gambling blog inspired by the infamous femme de menage bordeaux.

Kelly Ross has turned from a novice to a pro in terms of bodybuilding in the recent times. Kelly Ross started bodybuilding because her husband finds bodybuilder women more attractive than the most attractive supermodels and actresses. Kelly started bodybuilding to become more attractive to her husband which she has achieved and happy with but now she is liking the experience of feeling and looking so badass while driving her 2012 Chevrolet Silverado at least ten times more than the experience of feeling more attractive to her husband.

Kelly used to be extremely underweight before she joined the gym. One of the things that she has observed in the gym is that more Asian men and women. especially of the Japanese origin becoming interested in bodybuilding than ever before.

Kelly says that she has never felt and looked better before, not even in her late teens. Earlier she used not have the confidence to drive full-size trucks but now she drives nothing but full-size trucks. Kelly used to be extremely skinny for a woman 6’2″ but now she looks terrific. Kelly says that her recovering abilities are unmatched in the entire gym and she is popular for the same.

Kelly says that she doesn’t count reps just like the greatest ever boxer – Muhammad Ali did. Kelly believes in ‘No pain, no gain’ and she says that she doesn’t need as much rest as the other female bodybuilders do. Her joints never had any sort of pain either.

Kelly owns a video game store that sells DVDs, Playstations, XBox and simulators in the Downtown area of Kansas City, KA. When Kelly is bored, she likes to read gambling related posts on top gambling blogs like or she likes to place some bets on the Asian websites, especially Thai websites.

Winfield Blanchar is a popular cytologist with a specialty in cytochemistry. Winfield loves gambling and he recently won 343, 000 US Dollar with a single FIFA55 bet which he invested in starting a children’s swimming pool and hot tubs business, thanks to a gambling blog called col2000 where Winfield learnt about FIFA55 gambling.

Winfield likes to read a lot and his favorite subject after cytology is business. Winfield likes to write his opinions on his blog a lot and I am going to mention some of what Winfield wrote on his blog. Winfield says that India’s Tata Motors has no other edge on its local competitors than its iron and steel industry. Winfield definitely said that Tata Motors has a great advantage when it comes to the steel and iron over its competitors but it doesn’t mean that the iron and steel industry of India is one of the best or is serving as a great advantage to the nation. Winfield also says that normally the iron and steel industry and shipbuilding industry’s progress go together but that is far from happening in India and still many fundamentalist Hindus believe that India can take on Sweden and Russia when it comes to the shipbuilding industry which can only be laughed at.

About United Kingdom’s Iron and Steel Industry, Winfield says that it is not what it once used to be and as a proof he likes to mention the net worth of British-Indian steel tycoon – Lakshmi Mittal and also something that very few know about – British automobile companies including Jaguar, MG Motors and Land Rover using  Swedish steel instead of the local British steel.

In his personal life, Winfield cannot get over the fact that due to a major testicular injury, he will not be able to father the children of his own. He is yet to adopt a kid but unfortunately that seems to be the only way for him.

Vaina Berli has done an extensive research on the ancient, prehistoric and medieval people. Vaina says that the ancient people used to have running noses all the time. Vaina was shocked to learn that a tribe in ancient Africa was just killed by another tribe in the dark of one night just because this tribe used to believe that the Sun regularly has sexual intercourse with the moon which infuriated the killer tribe.

Vaina also read and learnt about an Indian sage who wrote Ramayana claimed that there is a planet which just looks like the ginger, he made a terrific claim that whomsoever visits that planet and comes back successfully to earth will always stay young and become immortal.

Vaina decided to become a hyperglot (a person who speaks more than 12 languages) to feel important, unique and intellectual, she claims that she will soon break the record of Ziad Fazah (a Liberian businessman who speaks 58 languages and is learning more of those).

Vaina’s brother is a commercial link broker who claims to have developed the most accurate IQ measuring tool. This brother of Vaina recently bought a used Force Dynamics 401cr through eBay as the new ones aren’t available for sale at the moment, it cost him 88, 000 US Dollar and when Vaina asked her brother about where he got so much money, he told her that he won the same betting at Sakongkiu websites with the help of trusted online Sakongkiu agent (agen sakongkiu online).

Vaina is very critical of most modern professional comedians, she says that many modern professional comedians are very funny but most of them don’t tell relevant jokes.

Vaina is a circus owner who actively participates in seminars and other similar programs in order to expand her business and make herself and her business better.

Nathan Dennel is an Australian who claims that along with the Australian currency notes, Australian nickel is also the best.

Although Nathan says that it is because of democracy that his company is a success, he still believes that democracy is the worst form of government. Nathan says that women Prime Ministers, Presidents and Emperors have always proven themselves to be better than their male counterparts. Nathan predicts that most elections around the world will result in hung assemblies in the near future and he likes to give example of what is going on in the Indian subcontinent currently to prove his point.

There was a time when Nathan used to be extremely obsessed with Russia, its history, natural resources, military power and legacy. Nathan claims that Russia has to be the biggest producer of iron ore but the current government of Russia is more concerned about creating conspiracy theories than finding and discovering natural resources that it has and nurturing other talents and skills that the nationals of Russia possess.

Nathan lived in Germany for a long while and he claims that the potash fertilizers produced in Germany are far superior to the potash fertilizers produced anywhere else in the world. Nathan also lived in the USA for quite a long time and he claims that the nitrogenous and superphosphate fertilizers produced in the USA are unparalleled in quality and that’s why they are exported all across the globe and are always in such huge demand.

Nathan was involved in glass trade for quite a long time and he claims that the India’s Firozabad glass industry is marvelous and second to none in terms of quality and cost reduction.

Nathan recently bought a bungalow by the beach in Tasmania with the money that he won with FIFA55 bets using the tips and tricks he learnt from a blog called cittaslow seferihisar.

Iveta Aslan is an aerobics instructor who recently bought a teabag company with the money that she won with FIFA55 gambling using the tips and tricks she learnt with a blog called sport equipment standards.

Iveta lived in India for quite a while where she noticed several changes that have took place since she last visited it in 1999. Iveta noticed an ayurvedic products selling business that has been going with the name Patanjali. Iveta did a lot of study and research on how an illiterate man like Swami/Baba Ramdev (born Ramkrishna Yadav) can create a multi-billion dollar company like Patanjali from scratch. Iveta says that after doing a thorough study and research for 7 months, she came to the conclusion that the real owner of the Patanjali is the Queen of England and through Patanjali, she is re-establishing her empire in India again. Iveta says that you may also call Patanjali as the modern day East India Company.

Iveta says that she has links with several top Czech politicians and knows a few of them personally. Iveta says that  although the Czech politicians are popular for not participating in group discussions and debates but they regularly listen and watch group discussions and debates on television and internet. One Czech politician told Iveta that she considers participating in debates and group discussions as a waste of time but sometimes they come up with great points there and that’s the reason why this politician watches these debates and group discussions with fast forward on on the Youtube.

Iveta met an Indian Rishi (sage) while in India who predicted very confidently that the hottest planet – Venus and the coldest planet – Neptune will collapse with each other and three different planets where life will be possible just like on earth will come into existence.

Ajda Hussain is an American citizen of Arabic origin. Ajda is an engineer by profession. Ajda lived in Japan for a while where she worked as a senior tech engineer for Yamaha. Ajda says that she learnt more at Yamaha within 6 months than she has in her entire life. Ajda loved the fact that the Yamaha hires some of the top motivational speakers to come and speak at their offices. Ajda had the pleasure of meeting the leading motivational speaker – Brian Tracy while working at Yamaha. In her diary, Ajda has mentioned Brian Tracy as one of the most phenomenal human beings that she has ever met.

Ajda claims to have done an extensive study on the serial killers. She says that the serial killers and other similar criminals are the result of bad genetics and poor upbringing.

Being a Muslim, Ajda says that east or west – Shariah is the best.  Ajda claims that during the prehistoric times, there was a tribe in Arabia that created an empire so wealthy that the houses all over the empire were made of gold or silver. Ajda rejects the belief that Arab are a Semitic people. Ajda says that after she gets old, she wants to retire to her most favorite city – Amman in Jordan.

Ajda’s husband – Jake is a general practitioner who is popular on the internet for advocating circumcision and the legalization of all sort of gambling around the world. Jake is a regular contributor to top gambling blogs like Omaha parents of multiples and his blog posts receive more positive feedback than those of any other contributor to the blog.

Many people wrongly mistake that the reason why Jake advocates circumcision is he is Jewish and his wife is a Muslim but Jake rejects this and he says that there are several scientific benefits of the circumcision which the doctors and scientists are yet to discover.

Cindy Zidane is a strict catholic who recently started a fuel injector business with the money that she won with FIFA55 betting with the help of tips and tricks that she learnt with Venice Foursquare Church.

Cindy lived in Pakistan for a great deal of time and she has a lot of knowledge about the political scenario and diplomacy there. Cindy says that each Pakistani Prime Minister learns Arabic in hope to be a part of of the Arab league one day but none of those has ever succeeded in the effort. Cindy says that she is certain that Imran Khan too will never be able to make Pakistan a part of the Arab league as Pakistanis are not Arabs and the leaders of the Arab league aren’t interested in any country to become a part of the Arab league.

Cindy’s husband – Gondefle is an individual car painter who guarantees perfect car paint within 36 hours or money back.

Cindy is obsessed with pigs and she has been busy writing a book on the history and evolution of pigs.

Cindy says that the Latin American countries were positively impacted by the World War 1 and 2 indirectly. If we have to believe Cindy, the Latin American countries would have been taken over by the USA and Canada if the WWI and WWII didn’t take place. Cindy knows a Latin American family that celebrates on each 28th July and 1st September each year.

Cindy lived in Vietnam for a while as well. Cindy says that each Vietnamese wants a visa of a G-8 country one day but they all act like they are all very nationalist and won’t leave their country for all the wealth in the world.

Cindy knows many Jews and she claims that the Jews are more likely to get fungal infections compared to the people of other races.

Jessica Safrankova (name changed) says that buying expensive German cars is a folly committed mostly by the nouveau rich men and women. Jessica decided to buy three of the most expensive Hyundai and Kia cars instead with the money that she won with Greek betting companies (etairies stoiximaton).

Jessica already owns a business that manufactures anklets, bracelets, earrings and necklaces but after winning a huge amount with online gambling, she is now thinking about buying a company that manufactures rear-view radars for the bicycles.

Jessica says that whenever you are confused between heart and head, don’t listen to either but go to your mom and ask her what is needed be done in the given situation.

Jessica lived in Kazakhstan for a while and about the over-exaggerated smooth economy of Kazakhstan, Jessica doesn’t have much positive to say. Jessica says that in the entire financial year of 2016, not a single convertible car was sold in Kazakhstan.

Jessica has a baby on the way and she says that she never sings the praises of her spouse in public and she says that she is going to use the same policy for her baby as well, she says that she is never going to sing praises of her baby in the public no matter how good (energetic, beautiful, intelligent) he turns out to be.

Jessica lived in India for quite a while and Jessica says that the men in India ogle at the women wearing skirts very badly and she says that you are very safe there if you wear trousers instead of skirts there.

Jessica says that although there is a notion that all the Indian farmers are poor, the opposite is the condition for the wealthy and major land-owning farmers. Jessica says that major Indian farmers can be seen driving luxury German, British and Swedish cars while the poor ones can’t even afford a bicycle.

Andrew Gluzman (name changed) sells biggest brands at the best prices possible at her popular clothing stores located all over the state of Minnesota.

Andrew claims that the FBI agents have very high living standards and 95% of them are multi-millionaires having offshore accounts, properties and businesses. He says that he was told this by a friend of her whose dad is living a lavish life in the Switzerland with the money that he made as a FBI agent. Andrew says that he will be a multimillionaire too with the help of gambling tips and tricks blogs like California Visit.

Andrew’s best friend Brian is a Czech gentleman who recently converted to the Sikhism after getting fascinated with the teachings of the ten Sikh gurus and their martial adventures. Brian has a turban of almost every color available. Brian is perhaps the only Czech who converted to the Sikhism, at least he is the only one that I personally know.

Brian’s great-grandparents hid in the wildlife sanctuaries during the World War 2. Brian says that they wouldn’t have done so if they were born or raised Sikh. Brian believes that the guns should be more stylish so that they sell more. By profession, Brian is a farming expert who advertises his services everywhere free on the internet including Craigslist, Backpage and other similar websites.

Brian wants to start a solar panel business but the business requires heavy initial investment which Brian also believes that he can win with betting online smartly.

Andrew lived in Mexico for quite a while and he says that half of the Mexico believes in the left-hand path aka tantra. Andrew also got to live in different African countries for a while. About Africa, Andrew says that the people of African countries give importance to the philosophy over science and logic.

Flora Bina (name changed) used to have a habit of criticizing distinguished and classy and rich men and women until she became one of those.

Last month, Flora inaugurated a spa of her own with a gambling room in it. Flora is an online gambling addict herself and even though she promotes offline and online gambling and casinos everywhere she goes, there is no way that she is going to tell her best kept secret – Best Bitcoin Casinos that helped her made millions of dollars with just bets upon bets to anyone.

Flora’s husband – Vladislav is an Optometrist who is obsessed with Harley Davidson bikes. Perhaps Vladislav’s Optometrist eyes see lots of things that a normal human being’s eyes cannot. Vladislav is more than a conspiracy theorist but he says that he is a realist. Vladislav’s conspiracy theories include a claim that the Talibani terrorists provide freelance services on Elance, Fiverr, oDesk, Guru and similar websites to collect fund for their terrorist activities.

Along with being an Optometrist, Vladislav is a businessman as well, he owns several Kiosks in the shopping malls of the state of Colorado and he also owns a small company that manufactures hand blenders.

Vladislav is very obedient to the menopausal women as he believes that they are very righteous and have great intuitive capabilities.

Vladislav’s sister and Flora’s sister-in-law – Nikita is a history professor in a reputed US college and she claims to know more than most historians. Nikita says that the Punjabi and Arabic people are one and the same and the similarities between several of their words and their meanings is the proof. One of the examples is that the Arabs and Punjabis use the same word for the naked and the poor, not 2 different words.

Mazal Cloutier (name changed) believes that she has been sabotaged by another soul. Everyone saw her eyes getting darkened, next brightened and then ultimately coming back to normal.

Mazal says that the ancient Egyptians and Babylonians had nothing in common other than that they were both pagan and barbaric.

Mazal is a blogger who has been writing regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for a while now. Mazal says that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is nothing much if we remove the evil called ‘religion’ out of it.

Mazal claims that most VIPs are easily approachable contrary to the popular belief that they aren’t.

Mazal’s sister – Hazel is a member of a youth Christian group. Each member of that group claims that they talk to the Christ personally almost everyday. Hazel says that most information about the resurrection of Jesus is based on theoretical reasoning rather than actual observations. Hazel cannot understand why most of the Christian missionaries have a very shaky breath. Hazel says that she doesn’t want the Christian religion to be more widespread and she thinks Christian missionaries are stupid as they promote the key to success and salvation – Christianity across the world whereas it should be kept limited to oneself as your best kept secret. Hazel claims that Jesus Christ was superstitious, he considered 12 to be his most favorite and lucky number and that’s the reason why he had 12 apostles.

Hazel is a spiritual adviser to many filthy rich people including some VVIPs.

Mazal’s grandfather was a Swedish arbiter who was well-respected and well-known in a Swedish dominated neighborhood in Dallas, Texas.

Mazal is building an underground tower with the money that she won with FIFA55 gambling using the help of the tips and tricks mentioned on a blog called fnopl.

Summer Aubin (name changed) claims that superstitious people have lower IQ levels. Summer says that she knows several superstitious men and women and along with being superstitious, these men and women are extremely controlling as well. Summer says that these superstitious and controlling men and women have evil traits and instincts much higher than their non-controlling counterparts.

Summer is an engineer by profession and she used to work for a company where she was harmonious its fast and furious environment since day one.

Summer claims that women become more creative than men whenever they are pregnant. Summer discovered Football League Agent188 (agen bola liga188) when she was pregnant, she started her first business as well when she was pregnant and now when she is pregnant for the third time, she has already learnt 3 new languages.

Summer claims that there is a planet nearer than Mars to Earth which the ancient Persians and Hindus knew about. Summer is doing her utmost research on this planet by reading ancient books and texts, Summer claims that she will discover everything regarding this planet before popping out her third baby.

One of Summer’s best friends is a Muslim who got beaten up badly in the Republic of China just because he asked for halal food there to a rude Anti-Muslim small restaurant owner.

This Muslim friend of Summer is an individual video game developer who owns 2 successful gaming websites. He wants to make it big like the Rockstar Games one day. He is currently busy building a video game on Mumbai, India about the popular Indian mafia days when the smugglers turned into extortionists. This game will be set around the late 1980s or the early 1990s era.

His greatest hero of all times is Mughal emperor – ‘Akbar the Great’. He is planning to build a video game staged around the Mughal era in India as well.

Sumaya Lester (name changed) owns a swanky steam engine themed restaurant in Downtown, Miami. Sumaya recently bought a Skoda Superb sedan with the money she won with judi online. A Skoda Superb costs double in America of what it costs in the Czech Republic. Sumaya decided to buy a Skoda because she wanted to buy something different. Sumaya is a real exhibitionist as she lives in a ghetto but still drives top cars.

Sumaya’s most favorite hero is Henry Ford. Sumaya says that Henry Ford was a serial dater contrary to the popular belief that Henry hated girls.

Recently, Sumaya drank Dove Body Wash to experiment but got badly ill.

Sumaya is an amateur investigator who claims that India is rich in petroleum but a group of senior government employees have been selling petroleum to middle-eastern countries including Kuwait and Qatar secretly.

Sumaya claims that most Southeast Asian countries have deliberately kept the selection criteria for the cops such that only the incompetent ones get recruited.

Sumaya says that she doesn’t know a single engineer who is personally interested or involved in humanitarian causes. Sumaya says that engineers are the most selfish people.

Sumaya is very active on several internet forums. Sumaya says that she cannot figure out why most forum moderators are more active in the winters, especially in the months of December and January.

Sumaya denies the belief that French language descended from the vulgar Latin.

Sumaya was raised up by her custodial mother who had a thing for everything African and she married twice, both times to black men.

Sumaya has done an extensive research on the Jewish religion and Jewish people. She claims that the Ashkenazi Jews are a mixture of Huns and Khazars.

Sumaya’s sister – Nancy drives only Mitsubishi cars. Her most favorite SUV is Mitsubishi’s Outlander.

Gracia Brisbois (name changed) sells deodorants, shaving creams, body wash and soaps online on her own e-commerce store, eBay, Amazon and many other platforms.

Gracia expresses herself only to a few trusted ones and I happen to be one of those lucky ones.

Gracia is also a freelance journalist who is very popular on Youtube and DailyMotion. Gracia’s greatest hero is Giovanni Agnelli – the founder of Fiat Automobiles. Gracia says that Giovanni has the willpower like nobody else that she ever read about or met in person and willpower is what makes a human being a human being in the word’s truest sense.

Gracia received a lot of heat and positive comments as well when she openly claimed that Youtube voluntarily shows vulgar videos on the front page and recommended section to ruin the young generation and drain them off their vital energy.

Gracia claims that there was next to none similarity between the Hebrew and Arabic language until about 1000 years ago which is more than enough to understand that Arabs are non-semitic people and they have nothing to do with the Abraham’s slave wife – Hagar.

In one of Gracia’s videos she accused one of the most popular British personalities ever – Bertrand Russell of being a Chinese agent. She mentioned in the video that Bertrand Russell wanted to destroy all the capitalist countries, especially USA and he succeeded to a great extent as the communist ideology started receiving a lot more respect, honor and positive comments since he started promoting the communism across the world.

Gracia’s sister-in-law – Aima is one of the biggest chrome wheel manufacturers. Several top chrome wheel retailers and brands rely completely on Aima’s company for their chrome wheels supply including the biggest chrome wheel retailer of India that is located in Ludhiana.

Paulina Johnson (name changed) owns a small company that manufactures ropes. Paulina has a weakness that she gets angry whenever someone mentions that her competitors are able to make clients happier and more satisfied than her company. Paulina has been looking for ways to expand and improve her company and she doesn’t care where the money comes from, be it online gambling or anything, she has already subscribed to a blog called Armagh War Memorial which promises to teach best online gambling tactics.

Paulina is a highly skilled and brilliant person, educated in England who believes in living moment to moment. Paulina is an admirer and student of the Zen philosophy but she has a weakness, Paulina drinks vodka and tequila occasionally, she becomes exceptionally rude after taking vodka or tequila shots which she hates and regrets afterwards.

Paulina has another weakness, she is a binge eater who cannot resist food for more than half an hour.

Paulina is an irresistibly beautiful BBW who says that nothing can match the taste and flavor of the first sex no matter how good it is. Paulina cannot forget her first experience when she lost her virginity in a pick-up truck.

Paulina’s brother – Jackey owns a bus service that operates round the clock and a seafood restaurant chain that is popular for serving some of the most voluptuous and beautiful female guests that wear skimpy clothes. It is not that these women get some special discount over there but it is a random thing that they love the food at this specific restaurant and also tell their friends about it. Most male guests at this restaurant come to have a look of these stunning beauties.

Jackey is a rich and powerful man who has several bodyguards and servants from Uganda. Jackey doesn’t trust anyone but Ugandan bodyguards.

Samantha Dsouza (name changed) is a writer and a political advisor who was the one who advised the Indian minister – Kiran Choudhry to ask the Newspaper journalists to rename her as Shoma Choudhry (her sister’s name) when one of her sex videos with an old man got viral. Samantha got this idea as once when she looked for Kiran Choudhry’s sister’s pictures on the Google and other search engines, she couldn’t find one, she looked for it everywhere including on the social media but there were none. The plan really worked very well and the poor Haryanvis believed that it was their minister’s sister who was fucking around.

Samantha and her husband, both are online gambling freaks and for the good reasons as they mostly come out as winners, they have won several bets online with the help of Indonesian gambling agents (agen judi).

Once the couple was about to hit a jackpot of a million USD while betting online. They had 2 million USD in the bank last year that they both won with online gambling, Samantha wanted to buy a penthouse in a nice neighborhood of Virginia with that money but her husband wanted to buy a collection of cars instead and he did. They both still live in a rented apartment.

Samantha is an all American girl but she chose to complete her studies in England, having been herself from Oxford University, Samantha claims that Oxford University has some of the nerdiest, ugly and bookworm girls, she said that if you want to know what I am saying then look for “Jackie’s Lecture at Oxford University” on Youtube and experience it. She says that if you are taking an admission for sassy, sexy and seductive girls, take an admission somewhere else.

Samantha and her husband never do French kissing as they both believe that it is very bad for health in the long run.

Cyla Cochrane (name changed) claims that most so-called love gurus never went on a single date throughout their lives (especially the male ones). Cyla says that she spent a lot of money on several different love gurus but she could never achieve her goal of marrying the young billionaire that she was after.

Cyla is happy that she didn’t marry that guy, he is now in prison for killing his wife over a petty argument. Cyla is now married to an online gambling millionaire and perhaps the greatest winner of all times on

 Cyla loves to work out more on the bed than the gym and so does her husband.

Cyla now owns several apricot farms and she herself eats 300 grams of dried apricots everyday from November to March.

One of Cyla’s cousins is a Church priest of very high caliber who claims that it is next to impossible for an Arab Christian to become an Archbishop. He claims that Arab Christians are persecuted by the pope and other high authority members.

Cyla’s dream of becoming a bestseller author might come true as she has been writing a book on the most infamous conman of India ever – Natwar Lal aka Mithilesh Babu aka Mithilesh Srivastava.

Cyla has her own personal philosophy about life. There is no denying that Cyla stays extremely calm during the most stressful situations, but Cyla is also the one who claims that consistency is for the mediocre people.

Cyla hates drinking alcohol and nothing gets her going whenever she drinks some accidentally. She smokes once in a while though.

Cyla once thought about starting an eBay electronic dropshipping business but stopped once she learnt that many dropshippers have been victims of fake electronic devices where they are not even aware of what is going on with them.

Lena Chutani (name changed) claims that if the killer of Julius Caesar – Brutus the Younger were alive today. He would have driven nothing but Fiat cars without caring about how unreliable, overpriced and non-durable they are. Lena says that the guy was so much obsessed with Rome and Romans.

Lena recently won 50, 000 US Dollars betting on and after that she got so happy and excited that she wrote a rap song in the language that she has been learning for a while, i.e. Punjabi. Here is an excerpt from her song:-

“Aaya main Lahore meri wakhri hai tor,

Najam Sethi mera interview lenda studio Lahore,

Chauda mera seena, meri mashook ballerina utton aunda mainu paseena,

assi kadde kise da kuch nahin cheena,

Hath vich nava iPhone, road utte Bugatti laike phirda main jivein phiron (Pharaoh),

Saada muqabla kare kaun, dende assi poore India nu load,

Tu samjhe apne nu kaun, tere warge meriyan majjan chaun, mere kutte nahlon,

Si jede tere yaar o dhonde saadi car, saade buland darbar sher baithe wichkar,

Aa sakda hai te aaja chappar faad ya tod ke taale,

Sofe utte baike main khavan jamun kaale kaale,

Lakh di laanat there muh te maaran

Tere gharwale saag karan mere naale, phate pyajame wale.”

While learning the Punjabi language, Lena got to learn a lot about the Indian and Pakistani culture, traditions and history. Lena claims that the so-called legendary Indian ex-Prime Minister – Indira Gandhi wasn’t a dictator neither a democratic person.

Lena also accuses the notorious and most wanted Pakistani terrorist – Hafiz Saeed and his armed men drink human blood like Vlad the Impaler. Lena says that several Pakistani men and women she knows told her the same and she also saw one such news on a Pakistani local channel whose videos are available on the Youtube.

Viviana Beswick (name changed) used to make more money with renting out tents part-time than her day-job and she wanted to make it big in the tent business but as she didn’t have enough money to expand her business and she didn’t want to borrow a loan either, she was looking for an innovative way to raise funds for her business which she finally did.

Viviana started gambling online on trusted websites like and finally got enough money to start her own waterproof tarpaulins export business.

Viviana is a sort of a conspiracy theorist blogger and she is a regular on posting things like the nation of Sri Lanka has nuclear weapons that they bought from North Korea. Viviana wrote that it was seen by the members of the CIA and Pentagon through the satellite but they were all bribed by the government of Sri Lanka later on.

Viviana claims that the nations of Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Burma (Myanmar) are secretly planning to make a union and a military alliance to become the ultimate tiger in the region called Southeast Asia. Viviana says that she has many online friends from these 4 countries who told her the same.

Viviana recently changed her gym after a psycho grabbed one of her breasts at the gym and after she slapped him on the face, he replied “Please beat me some more”. Viviana then decided to change her gym immediately and thankfully, the psycho hasn’t yet been able to track her yet.

Viviana recently traveled to Australia and after doing an extensive research and study on Kangaroos, she came to a theory probably never heard by anyone or even thought by anyone before that Kangaroos are the fallen stars who have been punished by the god for their sins.

Paul Ajmani (name changed) claims that medical researches across the globe are flawed 80% of the times. Paul Ajmani is not a doctor or a scientist but he has several members in his family with medical background who told him so (if Paul is to be believed).

Paul Ajmani’s mother is a psychiatrist who told Paul that compound interest is responsible for more mental and psychological issues than anything else. Paul’s mother told him that relationship issues and others stand no chance when compared to the financial issues when it comes to the psychological or mental issues.

Paul Ajmani’s most favorite song of all time is ‘Tiny Demons’ by Todd Rundgren and he claims that listening to this song for over 10 times a day gives him great intuitive and psychic powers and also bring him good luck.

Paul has been living in the USA for over 13 years but due to his Indian origins, he is obsessed with knowing what is going on in India. Paul claims that the Nestle Maggi was banned by the Indian government so that Baba Ramdev aka Swami Ramdev Haridwarwale’s newly started Patanjali Noodles could be given a boost. Paul says that the employees of the Nestle were on the Payroll of the Patanjali (Swami Ramdev’s company) and provided fake samples to the Food Association to be checked which contained excessive lead to ultimately make the Nestle Maggi go banned which they succeeded in, but the best part was that Patanjali’s Noodles could never become popular, leave the word ‘popular’ alone, they could never even sold over 1000 packs of it in a month.

Paul loves to gamble online and he has been quite lucky enough to win most of the times, Paul claims that he will donate all the money to the farmers after hitting 2 million USD in the winning amount, here is the website that has proven to be the luckiest for Paul when it comes to win the bets online.

Janine Petrova (name changed) says that she is working on building the smartest smart watch which will give all the existing smart watches including Apple smart watch a run for their money.

Janine says that winning bets on PokerCC websites is providing funds to achieve her dream of creating the smartest ever watch.

One of Janine’s best friends is one of the rarest in her own way as she is a strict Sunni Muslim yet a secular. This best friend of Janine doesn’t even drink diet coke as she says that it is haram in Islam. This best friend of Janine was the one who viraled the video “How Islam made me a feminist” by Zena Agha. Janine says that this Sunni Muslim friend of her knows Zena Agha for so long and she claims that Zena Agha is so strong that she never complained about one of the most popular Indian comedians ever – Raju Srivastava about not paying her up for the jokes she wrote for him. Zena wrote jokes for Raju Srivastava in the English language which Raju later converted to the Hindi language for over 2 years and then ultimately stopped paying her postponing the payday and ultimately breaking all the contacts with Zena.

Zena recently wrote on one of her blog posts about how the government of Pakistan arrested, tried and hanged a Pakistani Muslim woman for building Chand Miya Masjid after she got influenced by ‘Shirdi Sai Baba’ about whom she had been viewing a TV show on the Youtube using a VPN. This woman thought that the government of Pakistan will not have an idea if she disguises the worship place for Hindu Shirdi Sai Baba if she names his worship place as Chand Miya Masjid as according to her – the Pakistanis were all supposed to believe that it is a Muslim worship place going by the name, only the followers and believers of Shirdi Sai Baba were supposed to know the real truth behind the Chand Miya Masjid’s existence. Pakistan’s mainstream media has totally buried this news about this woman being hanged for blasphemy and the only ones that live in the neighborhood and a few regional journalists and reporters know about the same.

Qiana Dummer (name changed) is a popular internet conspiracy theorist who claims that the government of Israel is building an automobile company whose employees will required to be circumcised. Qiana says that no Muslim will be allowed to work in this automobile company of Israeli government but as you all may be aware of the fact that Jews are very low in population and they are not willing to recruit any Muslim at all. The Jews are hostile towards the Arabs belong to the Christianity and other religions, so who do you think that the Israeli government’s automobile company is going to recruit? Qiana answers “Hindu Indians”. Qiana says that the Jews trust the Hindu Indians more than anyone else after the protestant Christians. Qiana recently posted a video of the most powerful man in Israel, the Israeli prime, defense and finance minister – Benjamin Netanyahu with the Indian prime minister – Narendra Modi and named it “The upcoming dictators of the world”.

Qiana was the one to upload the video where the employees at a Ford dealership were beating a customer to the pulp. The video became very popular and enjoyed 1.2 million views within less than a week; that Ford dealership’s rights to sell the Ford vehicles were cancelled after that. The dealership hired one of the most expensive lawyers in the state of Kentucky but they still lost the case as the Ford has a staff of the topmost lawyers working for them and the Kentucky lawyer looked like a mosquito in front of an elephant while fighting that case.

Qiana made millions with Indonesian poker websites (Situs QQ) but she still doesn’t own a single vehicle. Qiana hates them all, be it SUVs, MUVs, sedans or hatchbacks. Qiana still uses only Uber or Lyft as she believes that cars are a rip-off.

Agota Durston (name changed) says that she met a group of physically blind people in the Kiso village of Japan that are able to perceive the visuals better than a person with perfect eyesight. Agota spent a couple of days with those guys and she was amazed to see how well these guys could perceive the visuals miles away that a person with a very sharp eyesight couldn’t even imagine about seeing.

Agota stayed in the Shirakawa-Mura village for 2 days and left that place after that just because a weird old man in that village told her that retaining gas in your stomach makes you muscular. Agota started having nausea after that and decided to leave that village as soon as possible as it was reminding her of that moment with that old man all the time. He even told Agota that he has made all the dogs learn this art of retaining gas successfully and that’s the reason why the dogs of Shirakawa-mura village are stronger than dogs in any other village, town or city in Japan or Asia.

Agota has done a long research on the recent mobile phone blasts and she has come to the conclusion that charging mobile phones with wireless chargers result in mobile phone blasts.

Agota is very against the alimony culture in Europe, Canada, Australia and USA. Agota’s one and only brother committed suicide because he feared paying alimony to his wife after the divorce. One of Agota’s very long article against the current alimony system in the USA was published in a popular Colorado Magazine and she received a lot of compliments from the Ben Shapiro fans for the same.

Agota kept it a secret from me that she bets on several different TOTO websites that she found using the most trusted agent for TOTO (Agen Toto Terpercaya).

Aurora Arden (name changed) was born into a Sindhi Hindu family of Surat, Gujarat, India. Aurora told me that her ancestors were converted to Islam by the persons of Prophet Muhammad and Khaleed Ibn Al Waleed long ago but after getting persecuted for converting by the relatives and friends, they decided to become Hindus again. The Hindu priests weren’t willing to convert them back to Hinduism so Aurora’s parents moved to Gujarat from the present day Sindh in Pakistan.

Aurora says that one of her ancestors saw Khalid Ibn Al Waleed in person and he was at least 6 feet 7 inches tall. Aurora moved to Thailand when she was 18 for her studies as she got a scholarship at a University in Chiang Mai. Aurora met her soulmate during the 2nd year of their graduation year, it was a love at first sight, Aurora’s current husband and then boyfriend told her a lot about the Christianity and she decided to convert to Christianity as she didn’t like the Hinduism in the first place, she never even followed Hinduism as she found the stories so fairy-tailish and unoriginal.

Aurora’s father used to work as a staff at occupational safety and health administration in India. Aurora says that each and every government and private department of India is corrupt including the occupational safety and health administration. If we have to believe Aurora, Aurora’s father hated the corruption so much that he never took any bribe and instead was involved in several anti-corruption movements of India including the Anna Hazare’s movement.

Aurora is herself against corruption very much though some people do not believe her when they get to know that she is a habitual gambler and a millionaire one. Aurora wasn’t a millionaire before she discovered ufabet

Cerys Farid (name changed) is an amateur Biblical scholar who refutes the claim that one of the most important Jewish patriarchs – Joseph (the son of Jacob who was sold as a slave to the Egyptians and ultimately rose to become the governor of the ancient rich state of Egypt) ran away from the wife of the palace guard and his boss – Potiphar when she tried to seduce him. Cerys affirms the notion that African women have a huge libido and one old promiscuous Egyptian man wouldn’t be able to satiate the desires and hunger of a young African woman but Cerys claims that Joseph never enjoyed the sexual pleasures in his life and the wife of Potiphar was a voluptuous woman who loved to dress in skimpy and revealing clothes. Cerys claims that Potiphar’s wife used to dress skimpily in order to attract Potiphar towards herself so that he can stop making love to the other women in the Egyptian kingdom. Cerys says that Potiphar’s wife was well-aware of the fact that Potiphar was cheating on her but she couldn’t dare say a word to him as she was scared of him all the time.

If we have to believe Cerys, one rainy day, when Potiphar was out to buy some slaves for the wife of Egypt’s king, Joseph believing that Potiphar’s wife would be hungry for some love and something else, jumped upon her and when she started screaming, he ran away from the scene, when Potiphar came back, his other slaves and servants told him everything and Potiphar was so kind and generous, instead of killing Joseph, he sent him to the prison and until the time when Joseph was released from the prison and was made the governor of Egypt, Potiphar had enough generosity to forgive him in his heart.

Cerys says that she has stopped going to her 9-5 job since the day she discovered that she has won a huge prize money in hasil keluar sgp. She now researches and writes all day all night long and hopes to become one of the most prolific and popular blogger before becoming one of the most prolific and richest author ever.

Patricia Saini (name changed) is an Indian-American whose father was removed from his position in a Government institution in India after the death of infamous Indian Prime Minister – Rajiv Gandhi in 1991. He decided to move to the United States forever after that and it changed the life of Patricia forever.

Patricia says that she was perhaps destined to be an American and that’s why by coincidence her parents kept her name Patricia, which is a western name. Patricia’s parents were confused between choosing an Indian Punjabi name – Pummy or Patricia but they chose Patricia.

Patricia used to drive Suzuki Vitara until 6 months ago but she has now upgraded to a BMW X5. Although Patricia claims that all the car companies’s conglomerate is making a fool out of the common people. She is against feeding the crocodiles aka car companies and all for boycotting the car companies and using public transport or bicycles for commuting.

Patricia must learn to walk the talk, it has only been 6 months since she bought that BMW X5 and she has already driven it 20, 000 miles. Since Patricia has found a secret called how to make money blogging to make huge heaps of money, she has been spending tons of money on cars, thinking about cars all the time and all that stuff.

You might have heard of all sorts of magic including sigil magic, black magic, white magic, but have you ever heard of a thing called Rainbow magic? Patricia claims that she knows about a special sort of magic that goes by the name Rainbow magic. Patricia says that the art of rainbow magic is known by only a couple of human beings across the world and those who do know about it, like to keep it a secret in the fear that they don’t lose it. Patricia says that a bunch of genies and angels taught her this art while she was astral projecting.

Vivian Dodge (name changed) is the daughter of a retired army colonel. Vivian says that military guys are not as hard as they are perceived to be, they are soft like jelly in their personal and family life instead. Vivian says that her father was very strict when it came to the discipline and punctuality but other than that he was unbelievably soft.

Vivian’s mother is one of the most popular nurses in the history who is responsible for the birth of over 36000 babies. She still wants to work as a nurse but she is too old for the same now. Vivian says that she is even too old to type and she has a mommy and nursing blog where Vivian types whatever her mother tells her to. Vivian’s mom’s blog is a pretty successful one and Vivian is planning to sell diapers, toys and other stuff for babies on the same taking advantage of the blog’s popularity.

Vivian owns her own personal blog where she writes about her daily activities, hobbies, resolutions and whatever she observes in the everyday life. In her personal blog, Vivian has yet made several outrageous claims including a claim that Ishmael, the son of Hagar (the maid of Sarai) was long ago killed in his teenage years by the wild beasts whence he was out to hunt animals. Vivian says that Ishmael was not a virgin during that time but he wasn’t married or responsible for the birth of a baby either.

Vivian even once went to an extent to claim that Salman of Saudi Arabia is the real Dajjal (the false messiah according to Quran) and chief of Illuminati.

Vivian plays Golden Zero Roulette for 2 hours a day and nobody in her family knows about it yet. Only Vivian’s friends know about her addiction to the online roulettes.

Alice Verga (name changed) claims that intelligence earns more intelligence, money earns more money and bad habits earn more bad habits nonetheless. Alice says that taking a day off taxes your brain and a workaholic must never take day off just because the others are doing the same. Alice says that if you are a workaholic and you work for someone else (a company or a small firm), then instead of watching television or doing any useless activity, the workaholic must work on inventing something, planning a business or any other thing that will prove to be productive in the long run.

Alice did a course on creating fireworks when she was a teenager, she has invented several fire crackers ever since including a fire cracker that can travel for 1 mile up in the sky. No government ever in the world approved that fire cracker by Alice claiming that it is a dangerous one.

Alice’s life is filled with more mysteries than that of the infamous Indian/Persian queen called Vashti or that of one of the most infamous patriarchs of the Jewish people from whom they borrowed their name – Jacob aka Israel. While on one hand Alice is against gambling and live draws, on the other hand she is all for the Hongkong Pools. Alice has been called bigot hundreds of times for her mysterious ways.

Alice is always hungry like a Wolf for more cars, houses and clothes.

Alice’s grandfather used to be a hunter for one of the greatest landlords of Colombia. He used to be a great believer in the reincarnation, he claimed that he was a Polar Bear in the previous reincarnation.

Nechamah Daniel (name changed) claims that cereals are the most nutritious food and she is a great admirer of late John Harvey Kellogg. Her breakfast always includes Kellogg’s Corn Flakes and more.

Nechamah is popular for making strange claims like the infamous and notorious Russian criminal, labeled by the media as “The Billion Dollar Don” – Semion Mogilevich is dead already and some rival killed him much before the Aslan Usoyan. She also doubts that he first got Aslan Usoyan killed and then to take revenge, Aslan Usoyan got Semion Mogilevich killed or vice versa.

One of Nechamah’s best friends – Laura went through a sex change, she transformed herself from a man to a woman and she hates herself from the same. Laura says that her life was much better before she went through the sex change and this was the biggest mistake of her life. She describes her life as pure hell now.

Nechamah’s parents never let her play video games in the childhood and teenage years, she used to play video games at her best friend’s home (hiding from her parents).

Nechamah says that the institution of marriage is not well-suited for the people of the modern times, she says that it may work for the people in the third-world countries, but it is not for the people of the first-world countries, the people in the first-world countries have better things to do.

Nechamah loves to read Thai as she says that it is the best language of the world and she is a huge fan of the writer of the blog that goes by the name fitjung.

Nechamah’s brother approaches girls all the time only to get rejected. His willpower is really something applausable, he never gives up.

Cara Falzon (name changed) reads for one hour and jogs for two hours, 7 days a week.

Cara is a woman as you already know but she has a couple of Youtube accounts that she uses to troll. She is infamous for posting comments like –“The poster is dumb so I call him Donald Trump, I do his sissy in the bum until her entire body gets numb.”

Cara has to go to India from time to time for the business. The only places that she likes in India are Mumbai and Goa, she hates the rest of it. She likes South Mumbai for its Skyscrapers and Goa for its Casinos, especially South Goa. She loves South Goa for its serenity.

Cara is a business success at a young age and the secret of her business success is free spins bonus list. Anyone can start his/her gambling business with a free spins bonus software or you can start multiplying your money gambling if you think you are lucky enough.

What separates Cara from most other business people is her perfection in the art of anticipating losses and profits.

Cara stays at nothing but the best hotels, she drives nothing but the best cars and wears nothing but the best.

Cara studied useless oceanography in the school and wasted so much of her time with it. She created a blog and a website which had everything that she learnt in the oceanography school but both the blog and the website flopped. She tried teaching oceanography online as well but that idea failed as well.

Today, Cara has offices in several different locations around the world and she is extremely proud of the same.

Eldad Annenberg (name changed) recently bought one of the most popular luxury bolster companies of Singapore with its own production unit.

Eldad has a weakness of forgetting everything else when she gets lost in any discussion. Many people have taken advantage of him in the past because of this weakness of his.

Eldad is a high achiever and a self-made millionaire. She has this one peculiar quality of completing huge tasks by breaking them down to smaller tasks. Most of his friends, relatives and family members suffer from decision fatigue whereas Eldad is a go-getter. She never suffered with the disease called decision fatigue.

Eldad has several serpent friends and cousins who try their best to destroy the credibility of Eldad in everything but the nature takes its own course each time and the opposite happens instead. They get exposed badly and Eldad like always receives more credibility than he would otherwise. Eldad never hopes for any credibility. She just keeps doing his thing and the success and fame follow him. Eldad is a great believer of the Hindu term ‘Karma’. Eldad claims that she never cares about the reactions when takes an action.

Eldad knows the who’s who of Singapore and she never brags about it. There is no doubt that Eldad works too hard and smart and when she gets involved into something, she does it fully. There is no way that you can distract him when she is focused on a task. But there are millions of people who are as smart as Eldad, following the same discipline as Eldad, work as hard as him and still don’t make as much as Eldad, the real secret behind Eldad’s success is no more deposit offers which she kept hidden till yesterday.

Roohani Durrani (name changed) is a Pakistani Muslim who has studied the history of the whole Indian subcontinent including India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal thoroughly. Roohani is 33 and still unmarried which is very uncommon in the Indian subcontinent. Roohani’s brother has been looking for the perfect groom for his one and only sister like a bulldog. He is active of several matrimonial website, dating websites, subreddits, Facebook groups, discord servers and slack chatrooms in search for a perfect groom for his one and only sister.

Roohani did an extensive research on what happened to the Punjabi Arora and Khatri people that migrated from Pakistan to India back in 1947. Roohani found out that the Khatri and Arora people who had been so much against the inbreeding for thousands for years had to inbreed after reaching an unfamiliar place. These Khatri and Arora people had been living in what is now called Pakistan since time unknown and now they were forced to leave their country and move to an unfamiliar place where they were refugees. About half of the people that migrated could never reach the destination, they were killed, raped and robbed.

Roohani feels for the Hindu and Sikh people that lived in what is now Pakistan for millennial but were forced to leave, several were burnt alive with their women raped in front of them.

Once while writing a blog post about the Khatri and Arora people that lived in what is now Pakistan, Roohani started crying like a baby and to deviate her mind and feel good again, gambled all night on her favorite FIFA55 website and whenever she felt like reading, instead of reading something else, she read only gambling related posts on state champs.

Aprajita Mehra (name changed) loves to eat the ice creams that they make at the McDonalds. She just cannot get enough of the McDonalds ice creams. Her most favorite out of the McDonalds ice creams is ‘Chocolate Dipped Chocolate Ice Cream Cone’.

Aprajita’s brother – Sharad is a 31 year old moocher who stares at Instagram models all the time and jerks off to pornographic movies day and night. He has been caught several times by his parents and Aprajita but he couldn’t care less, he is a ‘shameless lazy asshole’ as Aprajita calls him. He has never dated anyone in his entire life and once Aprajita caught him jacking off with her panties but she acted like she didn’t see it, she never told anyone about this but it really worsened the image of her moocher brother in Aprajita’s eyes even further.

Here Aprajita reads self-development and self-improvement books, listens to motivational speakers like Eric Thomas, John Paul Dejoria, Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins and Priya Kumar all the time while her older brother wanks to filthy pornographic material round the clock.

Sharad claims that he attracts women like crazy after edging without reaching the peak state. After he successfully edges for 40-50 minutes, he goes to the market or a shopping mall to see whether the women are staring at him. He says that sexual tension increases the facial and body glow, and increases the amount of pheromones at least 200 times in the body.

Aprajita keeps learning new languages and always finds something successfully where it is applicable. Aprajita recently learnt the Malay language and since then she has been betting on online gambling websites (situs judi bola) non-stop whenever she has some spare time.

Falguni Reagan (name changed) is a nutritionist by profession. She is also trying her luck in fitness instruction but hasn’t been successful yet. Falguni’s sister – Jasmine is a weight-loss consultant with a great following on the Youtube.

Falguni’s mother – Rekha has a popular Youtube channel where she teaches healthy cooking. One of Rekha’s viewers was about to go through a Bariatric surgery but her life got saved with eating the health food which Rekha talked about and did even show how to prepare on her own Youtube channel.

Falguni’s brother – Rahul is a dietitian and a popular one. Rahul’s wife – Sagarika is a Zumba instructor and she has a great fan following all over the internet including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and last but not the least – Youtube.

Rahul and Sagarika are never tired of repeating how they got the soulmate of their dreams. Rahul’s brother-in-law – Mahesh is a personal trainer and a rich one, he makes more money than an average doctor makes in India.

According to Falguni, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Yogi Adityanath’s anti-muslim stunts are just deflections from the real issues of the nation. Narendra Modi is a Bilderberg aka Illuminati aka Jewish-Christian Alliance’s agent and the popular Indian media also works for the same conglomerate that Narendra Modi does.

Falguni claims that all the Indian elections are rigged and the Congress-BJP fight is just a drama. According to Falguni, Indian diet and Hinduism are responsible for making Indian people so dumb. She says that the people of Uttar Pradesh are the stupidest according to her, they are the ones who drink the most cow urine.

Falguni loves to gamble online on her favorite FIFA55 websites and she also loves to read a lot of gambling related stuff on blogs like the invisible string.

Puah David (name changed) loves to read about different religions and she has found several similarities between Judaism and Hinduism. According to Puah, David the Shepherd King of Kingdom of Israel and Judah = Dau the Yadavkula Gwala (Dau the Shepherd King) of Mahabharata, both were shepherds and both were the youngest and  8th sons, both were very little in size compared to the size of the person that they killed and gained fame afterwards of killing him.

According to Puah, Jonathan was either Krishna or Arjuna, it seems more like Krishna to Puah as both the name sounds a lot similar and Jonathan shows more similarities to Krishna than to Arjuna.

Puah has studied a lot about the concept of Brahmacharya as in Hinduism and celibacy as in Christianity and she has come to a conclusion that one cannot attain celibacy or Brahmacharya by suppressing the sexual desires, the state of Brahmacharya can only be achieved by sublimating the sexual energy. Puah says that it is different for the people with very low hormonal levels but if you are very creative and have very high hormonal levels than it is not possible for you to attain the state of Brahmacharya without transforming that sexual energy into creative energy.

Puah says that sexual and creative energies are not two different energies, they are one and only, the only thing that the aspirant needs to do is to comprehend how to transform the energy that is normally creating the sperm all the time into the energy that creates Ojas instead all the time.

Puah got rejoiced after learning that the characters of Mahabharata like herself too loved to gamble, the only difference is that they played ‘Chausar’ while Puah plays FIFA55. Puah also loves to read gambling related blogs and her most favorite of all time is tadafumisato.

Kesor Kunthea (name changed) owns a chariot and goes on a ride on her Dutch Draft Horses chariot each weekend just for the attention. Kesor takes care of her horses like no other. She owns 6 Chestnut Stallions and 3 Arab horses as well. She is planning to buy a couple of Turkish horses as well.

According to Kesor, “Abrahamic religions are just a waste of time, you are not going to get anything out of studying the Abrahamic religions, they will only make your life a living hell and a very boring one. Study the history of ancient times and you will discover that the best of the ancient people were much more sexually perverse and treacherous than the common man of today’s time. Good and evil are just myths, instead of good and evil, we must divide things and activities into natural and unnatural. Moses was a liar, he never saw the god, he was just taking advantage of his exaggerated heroic image that was already built in the eyes of the Jewish people. Follow the ten commandments that Moses claimed he received from the Yahweh himself and watch your happiness being burnt into ashes.”

Kesor’s one and only brother – Philippe moved to Bhutan back in 2007 because he believes in polygamy. He is a husband of 2 twin sisters now and a father of 7 kids (4 sons and 3 daughters), he is really enjoying his life the way he wanted to.

According to Kesor Kunthea, White Christians run the world not the Jews. There is a Jewish-Christian alliance that exists but the number of White Christians and the power they posses is far greater than their Jewish counterparts.

Kesor’s most favorite book of all times is ‘Smooth Words’ by Carole R. Fontaine and her favorite gambling blog is skate dress warehouse.

Pedrina Lords (name changed) recently hated a trip to India, she met some of the stupidest people there. For example, she saw many dengue victims there who got bit by an Aedes aegypti on the days of Navratras and instead of visiting a doctor, they were all going to the Vaishno Devi – a holy pilgrimage site for Hindus, especially Hindus of the Northern states. After they came back many were dead already and the rest were in worse condition than they were before. Unfortunately, their stupid pilgrimage couldn’t help them at all but instead made the condition worse. It may be that their Vaishno Mata as they call her was responsible for generating Aedes aegypti. In one of the Hindu folks they say that their Lord Shiva brushes his seat in this season each year and that’s what causes Aedes aegypti spread everywhere in India.

Pedrina says that Indians are so scrooge, stupid and cheap, instead of buying a mosquito killer they spend all their money on temples in a hope that those idols will protect them from every disease caused by a mosquito.

Pedrina met several Saini people there in India whom they call ‘gardeners’ there. There are different varnas (caste) in India which are useless. Pedrina was surprised to meet several Saini Muslims as well there in India. Even most Saini Hindus do not have an idea that there is such a thing as Muslim-Saini. One of the most infamous Saini-Muslims is Ibtisam Elahi Zaheer of Pakistan who is accused of running a terrorist organization and whose father was infamous for giving hate speeches and ultimately got killed in a bomb blast.

Pedrina loves to gamble online and her favorite game is FIFA55. She loves to read a lot of FIFA55 related stuff on blogs like rungpiti kennel.

Jenna Jenkins (name changed) used to feel so exhausted all the time until the day she discovered FIFA55 gambling. Since betting on FIFA55 gambling websites, Jenna is making a lavish living for herself and she has fulfilled her dream of buying a speedboat of her own as well. She feels so energetic all the time nowadays. She has also developed a habit of reading and her favorite topic, of course is gambling, she knows the name of more gambling blogs than anyone else, she told me about pro edelstar which I have been reading avidly since the day I got to know about it.

Jenna blogs as a hobby, in her latest post, Jenna had something to say about the MGTOW movement, here is an excerpt from her post “But MGTOW as a concept, what do you think about it, what is good and bad? MGTOW isn’t a new creation, it is just a flashback to the past, in the past a lot of men used to do that for certain benefits, actually monks still do that as well.”

Here is an excerpt from Jenna’s blog post titled Security vs Freedom “Security is: If you fail, there’s X and Y to share the losses with you. If you succeed, there are still X and Y sharing with you. And maybe Z that you have never heard about as well. What I constantly say is: Freedom is: Nobody takes your responsibility, if you mess up, you take all the losses yourself. And no one shares with you, if you succeed, you take all the success for you.”

Jenna personally prefers freedom over security, she wants to be free like a bird, be responsible and get even richer. For her, a degree couldn’t have ever done this.

Daphne Williams (name changed) drives too fast for a New Yorker, Daphne was born and raised up in Miami and lived 30 years of her life there, she is 32 now and she moved along with her husband to Miami in 2016.

Daphne has been trying NoSurf for the past couple of years and the last streak she had was the longest ever. She went 110+ days without surfing the internet and then she started fantasizing about watching videos on the Youtube, posting on Reddit, sharing selfies on Facebook and Instagram, since she stopped self-indoctrinating herself for a long time, her surfing addiction overwrote her decisive capabilities somehow and she finally relapsed.  She watched the video of her favorite big dog breeds for hours at a time on the Youtube and checked the latest statuses, videos and pictures of her friends and relatives on Facebook for hours too.

After killing her complete day like that and finding that she got nothing out of it, she of course regretted it.

Daphne has been campaigning against the modern-feminist movement for a while. According to Daphne, “Feminism is fascism, most of these so-called modern-feminists want that all the men die and the rest just want to use them as dildos. They have been spreading pro-masturbation agenda to make the men kill themselves. These feminists are 1000 times worst than the communists.”

Each day, Daphne spends the last half hour of her day betting. She is an online betting pro and she knows the name of almost each and every online gambling game that there is. FIFA55, Dominique Qui Qui, Poker, PKV, you name it. She is also a very regular reader of gambling blogs like pneumatic group.