Engineers in India are dime a dozen but BallStep2 are not

Sunanya Radheshyam is an Indian engineer who at one time wished that she should had been an electrician. The salaries that engineers in India is extremely meager and seldom enough for even their survivals. The engineers are indeed dime a dozen in India, but Sunanya was lucky enough to discover how to make money with the ballstep2.

Sunanya has a niece who can count till 24, says “please”, “thank you”, and she can also recognize all the colors. Sunanya always has her memories, her face, her name imprinted on her mind.

Sunanya’s grandparents have some crazy superstitions and beliefs like they believe that natural calamities are a punishment for mankind’s sins.

Sunanya had been always an op-positional kid and she never believed in the Hindu religion or their crazy superstitions and beliefs. Sunanya believes that Indian people are stupid, weak and unfit to survive in the global village.

I have met Sunanya a couple of times and it is always an absolutely joyful experience meeting her each time.

One of the preconditions of life is going with the flow and Sunanya claims that Indians don’t do that. She also claims that Indians maintain double standards on most things. No matter who stood in her way, Sunanya never changed opinions publicly or privately, she has been fighting for the welfare of the country of India and its people.

Several goons of different organizations many time tried to kill or harm Sunanya but each time she called the police for help and the police really did its job very well in saving Sunanya from the hands of those illiterate beastly goons.

Indonesian Soccer Gambling Website gifted their SEO expert free credits impressed by his efforts to clean up the Internet

Ahmad Dardiri from Bandung, Indonesia, is a SEO, Online Marketing and Web Designing expert, who is notorious for making controversial posts on his blog.

Ahmad advises against using nicknames on official serious websites. He gives example that using word like ‘Godzilla’ to refer to the Nissan GT-R or Chevy for the Chevrolet is bad. He believes that it looks unprofessional and is not search engine friendly at all. He claims that search engines take such websites as unprofessional and such websites are always given less priority compared to their more-professional looking counterparts.

Ahmad recently exposed some credit card thieves notorious for producing websites with duplicate content which they then tried to sell. Ahmad received tons of compliments for this work of his and an Indonesian soccer gambling website (situs judi bola) impressed by Ahmad’s work gifted him free credits to bet on their website.

Ahmad claims on his blog that having printer-friendly pages has no negative effect on the SEO of your website. He claims that Google and other major search engines know very well the difference between a duplicate page and a printer-friendly page.

Ahmad thanks god that the intentional spam has been on a decline for a while now.

Ahmad claims to have been working on creating a foolproof defence against the intentional spam for a few months now and I really hope that he succeeds at it.

Ahmad believes that so far, registering a federal copyright has been the best way to combat intentional spam but he believes that’s not good enough.

More Iranian Millionaires have bookmarked this Football Betting Website on their browser than most can even imagine

Tehmina Motley from Isfahan City, Iran, is a Pediatrician who claims on her official blog that Chickenpox is a lot more common among babies whose mothers traveled a lot during pregnancy, than those whose mothers traveled a little or didn’t travel at all while being pregnant.

Tehmina’s husband – Mousa is an urologist, who is also notorious for making controversial and interesting posts on his practice’s official blog.

Mousa writes on his blog that men with huge chest seem to have more urology related issues compared to men with tiny chests.

Mousa claims that those who live around lots of trees are least likely to get prostate cancer. He states that the areas of the Republic of China and India where there are tons of trees, there are districts where there hasn’t been a single case of prostate cancer in decades.

Mousa also claims that the men and women with Tibetan and Iranian ancestry are most likely to have the issue of blood in their urine, popularly known as hematuria.

Mousa twice stated on his blog that the overactive bladder is more common among the coffee drinkers compared to their tea drinking counterparts.

Mousa received a lot of hate when he wrote on his blog that ugliness and erectily dysfunction in men seem to go together, just like the best football betting website ( بهترین سایت شرط بندی فوتبال ) and millionaires seem to go together.

Mousa writes on his blog that men and women belonging to the Eurasian Steppe are most likely to have Interstitial Cystitis also called painful bladder syndrome at some point of their lives.

Football Prediction 2 is a bigger revolution than all the conquests of the history combined – Farhad Amanpour

Farhad Amanpour from Tehran, Iran, is an author, who recently completed writing his 3rd book. The book is about the Islamic Conquest of Spain, I really enjoyed reading it on my kindle.

In his book, Farhad writes that since Tariq Ibn Ziyad took over the Spain on Friday, the importance of Friday as a pious day became multifold in the eyes of the Muslims of those days.

Farhad claims in his book that most of the Islamic conquests used to take place during the Fridays but for some reason, the historians, including the Christian, Jewish and Muslim historians, have chosen to bury this fact. He further claims that it is a pity that most historians belonging to the Abrahamic religions have forgotten this fact and the only ones that still know and acknowledge this are the ones belonging to the Dharmic religions – Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism.

Farhad has 2 passions in his life. The first one is football gambling, he is often found checking out the football prediction 2 (پیش بینی فوتبال2) and spends hours a day on an average betting there. The second one is writing. He spends hours writing everyday as well.

Farhad claims that the Chronicle of 754 apart from being a vague source, is also an unreliable source for information about what happened in Iberia during the early 8th century.

Farhad writes that the Islamic Muftis lying in their Madrasas that the Muslims ruled over Hispania for over 500 years must feel ashamed and apologize for lying and brainwashing their helpless students. He adds that different unions of muftis have changed the Islamic history a lot for their own personal benefits and for the glorification of Islam.

Allergist spent 10000 USD of his poker winning prize to spread awareness against the vintage motorcycles

Dr Dekar Malik from East Jakarta, Indonesia, is an Allergist, who claims on his official blog that the cops have more allergies than one may think of because they came in regular contact with criminals with allergies all the time and also the cops who have gone through the same.

Dr Dekar Malik advises on his blog against trusting non-certified Youtubers when it comes to the allergies. He writes that not only is it useless most of the times, but even harmful many times and a few times even life threatening. He added that he knows names of hundreds of Youtubers that regularly provide such harmful information, but didn’t name even one.

Dr Dekar Malik writes that some patients fail to tell the right symptoms and then they blame the physician for treating them wrong.

Dr Dekar Malik is notorious for his hate against the vintage motorcycles. He writes on his blog that he knows a retired baseball player from the United States of America, who is old and broke but wants to buy a vintage motorcycle very badly but cannot afford to.

Dr Dekar Malik writes that the thing that he hates the most about vintage motorcycles is that they aren’t comfortable at all. Recently, when he won 100, 000 US Dollars with the help of daftar judi poker, he spent 10, 000 out of it to spread the right information against the vintage motorcycles.

Dr Dekar Malik writes that all those who own vintage motorcycles have one thing in common – they are all bad-tempered, including his girlfriend.

Queens County Psychologist advises the MLM members to try online soccer betting for a better financial condition

Dr Artur Geborksi is a Psychologist from Queens County, New York, who claims that MLM members were never so depressed and broke before. He says that going by the statistics of psychological disorders, especially depression among them, the government should either introduce a benefit program or ban the MLM.

Dr Artur Geborski claims that those who weren’t vaccinated with compulsory vaccines have 100% more chances of getting psychological illnesses and/or disorders. She gives the example of Pakistan, where most people reject the compulsory vaccine believing it is some sort of conspiracy of the west and they are a people one of the most likely to suffer with psychological illnesses.

Dr Artur Geborski claims that the pollution or smoke has no negative side-effects on psychological health or disorders or illnesses of a man or a woman; It is a false rumor created by some blogger sitting in Bangladesh.

Dr Artur Geborski is not a racist or hates any particular race or nation, but he claims that the people with Mesopotamian and Babylonian ancestry suffer more with psychological illnesses attached with violence.

Dr Artur Geborski writes that parents with more than 4 children are 200% more likely to have some sort of psychological issue in their lives compared to the parents with 4 or less than 4 children. He adds that involuntary childless couples are 100% more likely to have a psychological disorder compared to the parents with more than 4 children.

Dr Artur Geborski claims that while the people belonging to the oil rich countries have more psychological illnesses compared to the people belonging to the countries where the people are rich off gambling for the reasons unknown.

Dr Artur Geborski is an avid gambler himself, he can often be found checking out the football prediction of today.

KingHuman doesn’t enjoy gambling and other sins in Vegas but rather Mumbai, claims a Fort Worth, TX, based IM expert

“SEO Golden Triangle is a lot more interesting than the Opium Golden Triangle.” – Joseph Waldrum, Waldrum IM & Technology, Fort Worth, Texas

Joseph Waldrum is a SEO and Internet Marketing Expert from Fort Worth, Texas, who claims to know a person who made over 200 Million US$ manipulating Google Places, Yahoo! Local and Bing Local from the financial year 2009 to 2015.

Joseph Waldrum claims to be personally familiar with the infamous SEO and Internet Marketing Youtuber – KingHuman for over 22 years. Joseph Waldrum claims that KingHuman was never a truck driver that he claims to be. Joseph writes on his blog that it wouldn’t come to him as a surprise knowing the person that KingHuman is, that KingHuman is another scammer just like Tai Lopez.

Joseph Waldrum also claims that the most favorite relaxation venue of KingHuman is not Vegas but rather Mumbai and he hires nothing other Russian Escorts in Mumbai, whenever he is there.

Joseph Waldrum has always stated on his blog that high-traffic and high-conversion don’t always go together. He gives examples of several websites that receive little to no traffic per day but make tons of money while some other websites that receive hundreds of thousands of visitors per day but make no sales at all.

Joseph Waldrum regularly has meet-ups with unfamiliar SEO experts and internet marketers and he claims that he gets to learn more from them than any other source(s).

Joseph Waldrum claims to have a foolproof plan, which he believes will revolutionize the entire life insurance industry and he says that he is going to use his Internet Marketing skills for the exposure of his idea, brand and whatever would be required to go out there.

Joseph Waldrum writes on his blog that it is a pity that the people are willing to spend tens of thousands of things that serve no purpose, but not a couple of thousand on good SEO for their website. He really hopes that the things will get better in this regard, especially in the third-world and second-world countries, where the situation is worse in this regard.