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Golda Bouchard is an auto enthusiast who says that Mercedes cars are not durable or reliable as they were before but they are definitely more fun to drive and that is the most important thing whence someone like herself looks for in a car while buying one. Golda is not a White supremacist or racist […]

Klava Nakajima has been working on building the world’s first and reliable – Human Speedometer. Klava claims that this upcoming human speedometer will be able to tell you your exact speed as it is and it will not run on batteries and neither it will have to be charged and she will make sure that […]

Tiasha Chaturvedi is a manufacturer and exporter of wide range of forged, machined and casted, vehicle suspension and fastening components. Being in a business that only caters to the automobile industry, Tiasha knows a lot more about the automobile industry than most others taking advantage of which, she has been running a very successful automobile […]

Madhumita Bajwa is a British freelance journalist of Indian origin who claims that French journalists are currently a bunch of the most honest journalists in the developed world. Madhumita says that she can bet that 50% of the news published on any French newspaper can be completely relied upon in contrast to the rest of […]

Kelly Ross has turned from a novice to a pro in terms of bodybuilding in the recent times. Kelly Ross started bodybuilding because her husband finds bodybuilder women more attractive than the most attractive supermodels and actresses. Kelly started bodybuilding to become more attractive to her husband which she has achieved and happy with but […]

Winfield Blanchar is a popular cytologist with a specialty in cytochemistry. Winfield loves gambling and he recently won 343, 000 US Dollar with a single FIFA55 bet which he invested in starting a children’s swimming pool and hot tubs business, thanks to a gambling blog called col2000 where Winfield learnt about FIFA55 gambling. Winfield likes to […]

Vaina Berli has done an extensive research on the ancient, prehistoric and medieval people. Vaina says that the ancient people used to have running noses all the time. Vaina was shocked to learn that a tribe in ancient Africa was just killed by another tribe in the dark of one night just because this tribe […]

Nathan Dennel is an Australian who claims that along with the Australian currency notes, Australian nickel is also the best. Although Nathan says that it is because of democracy that his company is a success, he still believes that democracy is the worst form of government. Nathan says that women Prime Ministers, Presidents and Emperors […]

Iveta Aslan is an aerobics instructor who recently bought a teabag company with the money that she won with FIFA55 gambling using the tips and tricks she learnt with a blog called sport equipment standards. Iveta lived in India for quite a while where she noticed several changes that have took place since she last […]

Ajda Hussain is an American citizen of Arabic origin. Ajda is an engineer by profession. Ajda lived in Japan for a while where she worked as a senior tech engineer for Yamaha. Ajda says that she learnt more at Yamaha within 6 months than she has in her entire life. Ajda loved the fact that […]

Cindy Zidane is a strict catholic who recently started a fuel injector business with the money that she won with FIFA55 betting with the help of tips and tricks that she learnt with Venice Foursquare Church. Cindy lived in Pakistan for a great deal of time and she has a lot of knowledge about the […]

Jessica Safrankova (name changed) says that buying expensive German cars is a folly committed mostly by the nouveau rich men and women. Jessica decided to buy three of the most expensive Hyundai and Kia cars instead with the money that she won with Greek betting companies (etairies stoiximaton). Jessica already owns a business that manufactures […]

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