KingHuman doesn’t enjoy gambling and other sins in Vegas but rather Mumbai, claims a Fort Worth, TX, based IM expert

“SEO Golden Triangle is a lot more interesting than the Opium Golden Triangle.” – Joseph Waldrum, Waldrum IM & Technology, Fort Worth, Texas

Joseph Waldrum is a SEO and Internet Marketing Expert from Fort Worth, Texas, who claims to know a person who made over 200 Million US$ manipulating Google Places, Yahoo! Local and Bing Local from the financial year 2009 to 2015.

Joseph Waldrum claims to be personally familiar with the infamous SEO and Internet Marketing Youtuber – KingHuman for over 22 years. Joseph Waldrum claims that KingHuman was never a truck driver that he claims to be. Joseph writes on his blog that it wouldn’t come to him as a surprise knowing the person that KingHuman is, that KingHuman is another scammer just like Tai Lopez.

Joseph Waldrum also claims that the most favorite relaxation venue of KingHuman is not Vegas but rather Mumbai and he hires nothing other Russian Escorts in Mumbai, whenever he is there.

Joseph Waldrum has always stated on his blog that high-traffic and high-conversion don’t always go together. He gives examples of several websites that receive little to no traffic per day but make tons of money while some other websites that receive hundreds of thousands of visitors per day but make no sales at all.

Joseph Waldrum regularly has meet-ups with unfamiliar SEO experts and internet marketers and he claims that he gets to learn more from them than any other source(s).

Joseph Waldrum claims to have a foolproof plan, which he believes will revolutionize the entire life insurance industry and he says that he is going to use his Internet Marketing skills for the exposure of his idea, brand and whatever would be required to go out there.

Joseph Waldrum writes on his blog that it is a pity that the people are willing to spend tens of thousands of things that serve no purpose, but not a couple of thousand on good SEO for their website. He really hopes that the things will get better in this regard, especially in the third-world and second-world countries, where the situation is worse in this regard.

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