Queens County Psychologist advises the MLM members to try online soccer betting for a better financial condition

Dr Artur Geborksi is a Psychologist from Queens County, New York, who claims that MLM members were never so depressed and broke before. He says that going by the statistics of psychological disorders, especially depression among them, the government should either introduce a benefit program or ban the MLM.

Dr Artur Geborski claims that those who weren’t vaccinated with compulsory vaccines have 100% more chances of getting psychological illnesses and/or disorders. She gives the example of Pakistan, where most people reject the compulsory vaccine believing it is some sort of conspiracy of the west and they are a people one of the most likely to suffer with psychological illnesses.

Dr Artur Geborski claims that the pollution or smoke has no negative side-effects on psychological health or disorders or illnesses of a man or a woman; It is a false rumor created by some blogger sitting in Bangladesh.

Dr Artur Geborski is not a racist or hates any particular race or nation, but he claims that the people with Mesopotamian and Babylonian ancestry suffer more with psychological illnesses attached with violence.

Dr Artur Geborski writes that parents with more than 4 children are 200% more likely to have some sort of psychological issue in their lives compared to the parents with 4 or less than 4 children. He adds that involuntary childless couples are 100% more likely to have a psychological disorder compared to the parents with more than 4 children.

Dr Artur Geborski claims that while the people belonging to the oil rich countries have more psychological illnesses compared to the people belonging to the countries where the people are rich off gambling for the reasons unknown.

Dr Artur Geborski is an avid gambler himself, he can often be found checking out the football prediction of today.

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