Allergist spent 10000 USD of his poker winning prize to spread awareness against the vintage motorcycles

Dr Dekar Malik from East Jakarta, Indonesia, is an Allergist, who claims on his official blog that the cops have more allergies than one may think of because they came in regular contact with criminals with allergies all the time and also the cops who have gone through the same.

Dr Dekar Malik advises on his blog against trusting non-certified Youtubers when it comes to the allergies. He writes that not only is it useless most of the times, but even harmful many times and a few times even life threatening. He added that he knows names of hundreds of Youtubers that regularly provide such harmful information, but didn’t name even one.

Dr Dekar Malik writes that some patients fail to tell the right symptoms and then they blame the physician for treating them wrong.

Dr Dekar Malik is notorious for his hate against the vintage motorcycles. He writes on his blog that he knows a retired baseball player from the United States of America, who is old and broke but wants to buy a vintage motorcycle very badly but cannot afford to.

Dr Dekar Malik writes that the thing that he hates the most about vintage motorcycles is that they aren’t comfortable at all. Recently, when he won 100, 000 US Dollars with the help of daftar judi poker, he spent 10, 000 out of it to spread the right information against the vintage motorcycles.

Dr Dekar Malik writes that all those who own vintage motorcycles have one thing in common – they are all bad-tempered, including his girlfriend.

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