Football Prediction 2 is a bigger revolution than all the conquests of the history combined – Farhad Amanpour

Farhad Amanpour from Tehran, Iran, is an author, who recently completed writing his 3rd book. The book is about the Islamic Conquest of Spain, I really enjoyed reading it on my kindle.

In his book, Farhad writes that since Tariq Ibn Ziyad took over the Spain on Friday, the importance of Friday as a pious day became multifold in the eyes of the Muslims of those days.

Farhad claims in his book that most of the Islamic conquests used to take place during the Fridays but for some reason, the historians, including the Christian, Jewish and Muslim historians, have chosen to bury this fact. He further claims that it is a pity that most historians belonging to the Abrahamic religions have forgotten this fact and the only ones that still know and acknowledge this are the ones belonging to the Dharmic religions – Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism.

Farhad has 2 passions in his life. The first one is football gambling, he is often found checking out the football prediction 2 (پیش بینی فوتبال2) and spends hours a day on an average betting there. The second one is writing. He spends hours writing everyday as well.

Farhad claims that the Chronicle of 754 apart from being a vague source, is also an unreliable source for information about what happened in Iberia during the early 8th century.

Farhad writes that the Islamic Muftis lying in their Madrasas that the Muslims ruled over Hispania for over 500 years must feel ashamed and apologize for lying and brainwashing their helpless students. He adds that different unions of muftis have changed the Islamic history a lot for their own personal benefits and for the glorification of Islam.

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