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Indonesian Soccer Gambling Website gifted their SEO expert free credits impressed by his efforts to clean up the Internet

Ahmad Dardiri from Bandung, Indonesia, is a SEO, Online Marketing and Web Designing expert, who is notorious for making controversial posts on his blog. Ahmad advises against using nicknames on official serious websites. He gives example that using word like ‘Godzilla’ to refer to the Nissan GT-R or Chevy for the Chevrolet is bad. He […]

More Iranian Millionaires have bookmarked this Football Betting Website on their browser than most can even imagine

Tehmina Motley from Isfahan City, Iran, is a Pediatrician who claims on her official blog that Chickenpox is a lot more common among babies whose mothers traveled a lot during pregnancy, than those whose mothers traveled a little or didn’t travel at all while being pregnant. Tehmina’s husband – Mousa is an urologist, who is […]