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Tehmina Motley from Isfahan City, Iran, is a Pediatrician who claims on her official blog that Chickenpox is a lot more common among babies whose mothers traveled a lot during pregnancy, than those whose mothers traveled a little or didn’t travel at all while being pregnant.

Tehmina’s husband – Mousa is an urologist, who is also notorious for making controversial and interesting posts on his practice’s official blog.

Mousa writes on his blog that men with huge chest seem to have more urology related issues compared to men with tiny chests.

Mousa claims that those who live around lots of trees are least likely to get prostate cancer. He states that the areas of the Republic of China and India where there are tons of trees, there are districts where there hasn’t been a single case of prostate cancer in decades.

Mousa also claims that the men and women with Tibetan and Iranian ancestry are most likely to have the issue of blood in their urine, popularly known as hematuria.

Mousa twice stated on his blog that the overactive bladder is more common among the coffee drinkers compared to their tea drinking counterparts.

Mousa received a lot of hate when he wrote on his blog that ugliness and erectily dysfunction in men seem to go together, just like the best football betting website ( بهترین سایت شرط بندی فوتبال ) and millionaires seem to go together.

Mousa writes on his blog that men and women belonging to the Eurasian Steppe are most likely to have Interstitial Cystitis also called painful bladder syndrome at some point of their lives.

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