Indonesian Soccer Gambling Website gifted their SEO expert free credits impressed by his efforts to clean up the Internet

Ahmad Dardiri from Bandung, Indonesia, is a SEO, Online Marketing and Web Designing expert, who is notorious for making controversial posts on his blog.

Ahmad advises against using nicknames on official serious websites. He gives example that using word like ‘Godzilla’ to refer to the Nissan GT-R or Chevy for the Chevrolet is bad. He believes that it looks unprofessional and is not search engine friendly at all. He claims that search engines take such websites as unprofessional and such websites are always given less priority compared to their more-professional looking counterparts.

Ahmad recently exposed some credit card thieves notorious for producing websites with duplicate content which they then tried to sell. Ahmad received tons of compliments for this work of his and an Indonesian soccer gambling website (situs judi bola) impressed by Ahmad’s work gifted him free credits to bet on their website.

Ahmad claims on his blog that having printer-friendly pages has no negative effect on the SEO of your website. He claims that Google and other major search engines know very well the difference between a duplicate page and a printer-friendly page.

Ahmad thanks god that the intentional spam has been on a decline for a while now.

Ahmad claims to have been working on creating a foolproof defence against the intentional spam for a few months now and I really hope that he succeeds at it.

Ahmad believes that so far, registering a federal copyright has been the best way to combat intentional spam but he believes that’s not good enough.

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