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Engineers in India are dime a dozen but BallStep2 are not

Sunanya Radheshyam is an Indian engineer who at one time wished that she should had been an electrician. The salaries that engineers in India is extremely meager and seldom enough for even their survivals. The engineers are indeed dime a dozen in India, but Sunanya was lucky enough to discover how to make money with […]

Indonesian Soccer Gambling Website gifted their SEO expert free credits impressed by his efforts to clean up the Internet

Ahmad Dardiri from Bandung, Indonesia, is a SEO, Online Marketing and Web Designing expert, who is notorious for making controversial posts on his blog. Ahmad advises against using nicknames on official serious websites. He gives example that using word like ‘Godzilla’ to refer to the Nissan GT-R or Chevy for the Chevrolet is bad. He […]

More Iranian Millionaires have bookmarked this Football Betting Website on their browser than most can even imagine

Tehmina Motley from Isfahan City, Iran, is a Pediatrician who claims on her official blog that Chickenpox is a lot more common among babies whose mothers traveled a lot during pregnancy, than those whose mothers traveled a little or didn’t travel at all while being pregnant. Tehmina’s husband – Mousa is an urologist, who is […]

Football Prediction 2 is a bigger revolution than all the conquests of the history combined – Farhad Amanpour

Farhad Amanpour from Tehran, Iran, is an author, who recently completed writing his 3rd book. The book is about the Islamic Conquest of Spain, I really enjoyed reading it on my kindle. In his book, Farhad writes that since Tariq Ibn Ziyad took over the Spain on Friday, the importance of Friday as a pious […]

Allergist spent 10000 USD of his poker winning prize to spread awareness against the vintage motorcycles

Dr Dekar Malik from East Jakarta, Indonesia, is an Allergist, who claims on his official blog that the cops have more allergies than one may think of because they came in regular contact with criminals with allergies all the time and also the cops who have gone through the same. Dr Dekar Malik advises on […]

Queens County Psychologist advises the MLM members to try online soccer betting for a better financial condition

Dr Artur Geborksi is a Psychologist from Queens County, New York, who claims that MLM members were never so depressed and broke before. He says that going by the statistics of psychological disorders, especially depression among them, the government should either introduce a benefit program or ban the MLM. Dr Artur Geborski claims that those […]

KingHuman doesn’t enjoy gambling and other sins in Vegas but rather Mumbai, claims a Fort Worth, TX, based IM expert

“SEO Golden Triangle is a lot more interesting than the Opium Golden Triangle.” – Joseph Waldrum, Waldrum IM & Technology, Fort Worth, Texas Joseph Waldrum is a SEO and Internet Marketing Expert from Fort Worth, Texas, who claims to know a person who made over 200 Million US$ manipulating Google Places, Yahoo! Local and Bing […]